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3 zipped files are available for download:   Last Updated: 07/20/2019
Creates a comma separated value file. A CSV file has the field names as the first line in the file, and the field values in the remainder of the file are separated with commas.
A TXT file is an ASCII text file in which records have a fixed length and end with a carriage return and line feed. Fields aren't delimited.
Xbase compatible file format. (Foxplus, Foxpro, Dbase)

Instructions to process an escrow file:

1. Download file above and save on your desktop.
2. Click below to download file. We suggest that you keep this file in a folder for future use.
3. Unzip the LenderLookup file and drag to desktop. A smiley-face icon will appear.
4. Double click the smiley-face icon. A box will appear for you to browse for the Lender file and Lookup file.
5. Lender file: Browse your desktop for the file from step 1 above.
6. Lookup file: Browse for your Escrow file, which must be a TXT file of correctly formatted parcel numbers (with punctuation), and/or you can type parcel numbers, one per line, in the "List" box.
7. Determine which installment you wish to get information for.
8. Click "Process" and verify total amount.
9. Three files will be created on your desktop; a lender export file with payment details for only the imported escrow parcels; a full county file with payment details; and a "lockbox" payment file for your use in submitting payment to our office.
See PAYMENT FILE INFORMATION at the bottom of this page for more information about payment files.

Structure of the export and full-county file:
Fld  Field Name   Width  Description
  1  PARCELNUM      30  Parcel Number
  2  OWNER          80  Deeded Owner
  3  PROPERTY1      12  Property Tax Due, 1st Installment
  4  PROPPREV1      12  Property Tax Due, 1st Installment, Previous Years
  5  PROPPEN1       12  Property Tax Due, 1st Installment, Penalties
  6  PROPFEE1       12  Property Tax Due, 1st Installment, Fees
  7  SPECIAL1       12  Special Assessment, 1st Installment
  8  SPECPREV1      12  Special Assessment, 1st Installment, Previous Years
  9  SPECPEN1       12  Special Assessment, 1st Installment, Penalties
 10  SPECFEE1       12  Special Assessment, 1st Installment, Fees
 11  SPECINT1       12  Special Assessment, 1st Installment, Interest
 12  PROPERTY2      12  Property Tax Due, 2nd Installment
 13  PROPPEN2       12  Property Tax Due, 2nd Installment, Penalties
 14  SPECIAL2       12  Special Assessment, 2nd Installment
 15  SPECPEN2       12  Special Assessment, 2nd Installment, Penalties
 16  SPECINT2       12  Special Assessment, 2nd Installment, Interest
 17  RECHRG         12  Recharge
 18  RECHRGINT      12  Recharge Interest
 19  RECHRGCOST     12  Recharge Cost
 20  OTHERCOST      12  Other Cost
 21  TOTALDUE       12  Total Due
 22  DUPLICATE      11  Tax Duplicate Number
     Total         349
PAYMENT FILE INFORMATION We use LOW lockbox file layout for lender payment files. Each entry should be part of an Excel two-column fixed-width text file with a 25-character first column field for parcel number and 19-character second column field for amount (no $ signs, commas or zero-fill). Please include two decimal places and a decimal point for each entry. Please do not include any entries which have zero dollar amounts.